Crop Planner

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When To Order Crop Form Plant/Sow Finish/Sell
January Poinsettias URC, Liners July-Sep Christmas
February Garden Mums URC, Rooted Cuttings May – Jul Fall
Perennials Liners, Plugs Jul – Sep Spring
March Pansy (Fall Crop) Plugs Aug – Sep Fall
Perennials Seeds Jul – Aug Spring – Fall
April/May Perennials Bare Root Sep – Nov Fall
Misc Pot Plants Plugs, Liners Year Round Year Round
June Time to place advance seed orders, adjustments can be made prior to shipping in the Fall.
July/August Fall Bulbs Bulbs Sep Sep – Oct (packaged/bulk)
Spring Bedding URC, Liners Feb – Mar Spring
New Guinea Impatiens URC, Liners Feb – Mar Spring
Begonias (Vegetative) Liners Feb – Mar Spring
Miniature Roses Liners Nov – Feb Spring Holidays
Annuals Seed Dec – Feb Spring
Annuals Plugs Dec – Apr Spring
Azaleas 4-8” precooled Oct – Mar Christmas – Mother’s Day
Perennials Vernalized Spring Spring
Perennials (First Year Flowering) Seed Dec – Feb Spring – Summer
Easter Lily non-precooled Oct Easter
Easter Lily precooled Dec Easter
August/September Vegetables Seeds/Plugs Dec – Apr Spring
Perennials Bare Root Feb – Apr Spring
Perennials Liners, Plugs Jul – Sep Spring
Geraniums URC, Liners Spring Spring
October/November Spring Bulbs URC Mar – May Apr – Jun (packaged/bulk)
Tropicals Rooted Cuttings Jan – Mar Spring
Tropicals Liners Mar – May Spring
Geraniums Stock Plugs Winter Cuttings for the Spring Crop
December Time to review orders for spring crops and make additiona and changes