The Leader Alliance of Companies

Many companies contribute to creating and maintaining the Garden Leader brand of flowers and vegetables. Each of the Alliance Partners are leaders in their fields of excellence. From plant breeding through production and marketing, Garden Leader products are built for success.

An Alliance That is Diverse in Membership and Unified in Purpose.
World wide Partners include the industries largest corporations that contribute their technology and resources to result in a product line that fits the needs of today’s commercial grower. The Alliance membership is well balanced with independent and family businesses sized Partners that focus the wants of the consumer into the features of Garden Leaders.

A One For All and All For One Alliance
The Garden Leader Alliance Partners are so confident that the Garden Leader selection of seeds and plants is, at all times, the best the world has to offer that consumers are guaranteed their money back by the Alliance if not satisfied. >> Learn more

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Grimes Horticulture Recommends

Grimes Horticulture brings you access to the products and services of more than 200 horticultural suppliers. We are constantly searching for more sources of the newest, best, unique, profitable and popular products for the commercial grower. >> VIew Recommendations + Resources

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Marketing for the Greenhouse Industry

Our experience and creativity in bringing buyers and sellers together through advertising, private labeling, public relations, direct sales and publications have stimulated sales to our partners and clients from breeder/manufacturer through greenhouse grower to retail garden center. Employ the resources of Grimes Horticulture into your marketing program, enjoy the success. >> Learn More