Grimes is the Leader in Plant Selection

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All Types & Sizes

Cuttings, callused, liners, plugs, jumbo quick turns, half packs, bulbs, and bare root in all the sizes you can imagine!


Most Plant Choices of Any Broker

Grimes helps you achieve your plant ordering goals providing more growers options.

Across the U.S.

Plants Across America

Plants Across America means lower cost to you because Grimes works with more plant producers.


Immediate Availability

Grimes provides current plant availabilty.


Seeds: Vegetables

Grimes is the leader in vegetable seed selection.

Grimes Vegetable Brands Meet Needs - Featuring Tasty Brand Vegetables

Tasty Brand Vegetables

Tasty Brand Vegetables: Tasty series for greenhouse production and home gardening. Consumer tested for flavor preference.

Tasty Brand Herbs

Tasty Herb Series: A complete collection of herbs taste tested to insure extra flavor.

Tasty Brand Vegetables Patio

Tasty Patio Series: For small spaces and containers. These space savers feature normal fruit size on short compact plants.

Tasty Brand Vegetables Health Plus

Tasty Health Plus Series: Best flavor and nutrition. High in anti-oxidants, lycopene, minerals, vitamins, and beta-carotene.

Tasty Brand Ornamentals

Tasty Ornamentals Series: Both pretty and tasty. Color up your menu offering with pretty petals that have been selected to be colorful and compliment your meal.

Tasty Brand Asian Vegetables

Tasty Asian Series: Includes a range of popular asian crops including oriental Cabbage, Mustards, and Asian Endive.

Tasty Brand Vegetables Scorchers

Tasty Scorchers Series: "Hot, Hotter, Ouch!" Best hot pepper source for unsurpassed scovilles with Chilis, Ghosts, Scorpions, Habeneros, Thais, ETC.

Vegetable Brands That Meet Consumers Needs

Grimes Vegetables First Pick

First Pick Series: The earliest varieties are always in big demand, especially in northern regions.

Grimes Vegetables Yesteryear Heirloom

Yesteryear Heirlooms: Are an extended collection of heirloom varieties. Grimes offers the most heirloom varieties.

Grimes Vegetables Terra Organic

Terra Organics Series: All natural, 100% organic seeds which are certified free of chemical fertalizers and pesticides.

Grimes Vegetables Monsters

Monster Series: Features prize winning, humongous fruit of astonishing size and weight. Each variety is the biggest in every crop.

Grimes Vegetables Bushel Buster

Bushel Buster Series: These varieties were chosen for maximum yield per plant in the home garden and in the field

Grimes Vegetables Resister

Resister Series: Developed and selected on the bases of superior disease resistance

Grimes Vegetables Tunnel Crop

Tunnel Crop Series: Specialty varieties developed for protected culture growing in controlled environments including greenhouses.

Grimes Vegetables Garden Leaders

Garden Leaders Series: Field tested to be the "Best of the Best" in the garden. Developed because many varities are not good garden producers.


Seeds: Flowers

Grimes is the Leader in Flower Seed Selection

Featuring the Leaders Brand

Best of the Best

Best of the Best


Leaders are Bulletproof

Grimes Horticulture Garden Leaders

Garden leaders
This broad series of bedding varieties is the "best of the best" for garden performance. Each has been field trialed to acheive maximum flower power in the garden.


Every Leader variety is guarenteed to perform to your customers' satisfaction or they get their money back.

Grimes Horticulture LoGro Leaders

Best Dwarf Varieties

Grimes Horticulture HiGro Leaders

Tallest Varieties

Grimes Horticulture Basket Leaders

Best Trailing Varieties

Grimes Horticulture On Deck Leaders

Best for Patios

Grimes Horticulture Tasty Ornamentals

Ornamental Edibles

Grimes Horticulture Vegetables Leaders

Best Garden Performing Vegetables



Grimes is the leader in tag selection

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