February Promotions

2/21/19 Quilt combos with a story.

2/19/19 Supply mouth watering flavor with Grimes Exclusive Vegetables.

2/16/19 Prepare your retail space with Water Pulse Bench Liners

2/14/19 Fight fungus with these proven fungicides.

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2/5/19 Measure your pH levels with ease. Bluelab multimedia pH meters from Grimes.

2/5/19 Savings that stand out from the rest, and so do the mums.

2/1/19 We cut the price on these Cut Flowers. Online sale inside.

January Promotions

1/1/2019 Want in on free Benary Plus liners by Patchwork?

1/3/2019 Exclusive seeds sprout more profit

1/10/2019 Bugs be gone! Insecticides from Grimes

1/15/2018 Savor™ Herb Kits from Grimes. Easy to order and saves time.

1/16/2019 Flash Sale. Dracaena Spikes at a low price.

1/17/2019 Gain the advantage with these varieties

1/19/2019 Experience the Magic of Baccto Veggie Mix

December Promotions

12/4/2018 Bugs be Gone! Insecticides from Grimes

12/6/2018 Heat up your green house with Scorcher Peppers

12/11/2018 Free Tags with Patchwork Plugs

12/13/2018 What do Mum prices and December have in common? 

12/21/2018 Un-wrap your vegetable catalog today!

12/22/2018 Happy Holidays From Grimes Horticulture

November Eblast

11/21/2018 – Happy Thanksgiving from Grimes Horticulture

11/20/2018 – 70% off these customer favorite seeds!

11/15/2018 – Fungus is finished with this fungicide

11/13/2018 – Summer, Spring, Fall. These apples shine through them all.

11/6/2018 – Need tags? We have you covered.

October eBlast

10/23/2018 – 3 or more boxes of Patchwork plugs get you free tags!

10/17/2018 – Perfect pumpkins for fall

10/16/2018 – Basil Bonanza

10/11/2018 – Last chance to clean up in savings! 10% off disinfectants from Grimes inside.

10/09/2018 – Truck load of hand selected nursery stock

10/04/2018 – Time to think ” TAGS “

September eBlast


9/15/2018 – Seeds for the season

9/13/2018 – Free exclusive seeds with your advanced order!

9/11/2018 – Grimes September tag sale

9/6/2018 – Want free tags when you order Patchwork Plugs?

9/4/2018 – Grimes wide selection made easy

9/4/2018 – Free seeds when you sign up

August eBlast



8/10/2018 – Pair your Seeds and Tags to save time this season

8/6/2018 – Benary+ Liners from Grimes. Save 10%

8/3/2018 – Summer Weed Roundup

8/1/2018 – Free exclusive seeds with your advanced order!

July eBlast

7/26/2018 – The new Grimes catalog is packed with great info. Look here!

June eBlast

6/28/2018 – Learn about the benefits of rebooking early with Grimes

6/27/2018 – Buy now and pay now to save on chemicals

6/26/2018 – Complimentary Seeds From Grimes!

6/13/2018 – SBD Specialty Sunflowers

6/9/2018 – Fathers Day Discounts

May eBlast

5/10/2018- SBD Specialty pesto party

5/14/2018-  You can Save 9% two different ways, look inside to find out how.