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Wider Selection benefits growers

“I’ve been on board for over 30 years as a partner and Horticulturalist, and I’m always available to answer the questions our customers ask. ”
– Rod

Our Grimes brands answer needs

“For premium performance use our exclusive brands”
– Gary

Our buying benefits:

Smaller Sizes
No Order Minimums
Widest Selection of Varieties
Freight Included

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“Starting my 17th year at Grimes as Vice President of Sales, and always available to assist my dedicated sales team that helps you fulfill your needs each and every day.”
– Bill Steen, VP of Sales
“The team at Grimes have become my friends and family. I’ve been on the sales team for 24 years, and cherish the long standing relationships curated over the years.”
– Katie Zeid, Sales Relationship Manager

“I am not just a sales relationship manager, but a greenhouse grower at my own greenhouse operation, Kassay Greenhouse. I bring knowledge and experience to the table and share the information with my customers.”
– Jessica Kassay – Sales Relationship Manager
“I once was asked to name all the presidents, but I thought they already had names.”
– Chase Grimes, C.F.O.

Grimes Leaders Alliance:

The Leaders Alliance is made up of the top breeders and producers in the industry. This team helps grimes bring you better flower & vegetables.

We kick butt in our assortment of varieties:

Grimes provides the best selection in the industry

“More alternatives allow you to improve profits, differentiate, save money, save time, and you get what you want when you want it.”
– Chris Mitchell, Sales Relationship Manager