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What a Difference At grimes flowers

Our differences help you make a difference

Wider Selection benefits growers

“We offer the most far reaching variety options!”
– Rod

grimes brands answer needs

“For premium performance use our exclusive brands”
– Gary

Seed buying benefits at grimes include:

smaller sizes
no minimums
more varieties
free freight

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Profit help with the

grimes listers give you complete listings by product group:


grimes people make a difference:
You get great service from great people

“I’m a customer first sales director”
– Bill
“Serving you is a labor of love.”
– Katie

“We are here to help you every day.”
– Jessica
“I’m a customer first sales director”
– Scott

The grimes Leaders Alliance

The Leaders Alliance is made up of the top breeders and producers in the industry. This team helps grimes bring you better flower & vegetables.

Most voluminous assortment of varieties

grimes provides the best selection in the industry

Mammoth array of plant options

“More alternatives allow you to improve profits, differentiate, save money, save time, and you get what you want when you want it.”
– Chris

All crops, all types, all forms, all sizes

Most plant choices of any broker

grimes helps you with…
cuttings, callused, liners, plugs, jumbo quick turns, half packs, bulbs and bare roots in all the sizes you can imagine. We take all the guess work out of plant ordering with immediate availability.”
– Doug

Nationwide plant producer options

grimes represents more plant growers than any other broker in the U.S. We have over 150 plant suppliers. We can save you money on freight costs by finding a grower near you.

grimes blankets all breeders & genetics

Our reputation as an innovator earns us interest from little known sources who can surprise with rare and wonderful genetics.

Sky high seed & plug selection

More seed and plug choices

Shop though our endless selection of vegetables, annual and perennial seeds. grimes provides more plug supplier choices.

Boundless new varieties

Extend your choice of new varieties with grimes. We are the leading source of new varieties. Smart growers can maximize margins knowing that many consumers will pay more for the added value of new and uncommon varieties.

More solutions to home garden needs

Home gardeners have objectives when they plant. Some want early, some want tall. grimes offers exclusive series that meet specific needs.

Overboard on AAS varieties

grimes is a full supporter of All-America Selections. We are the proud source of both flower and vegetable winners.